world class engineers + world class recording facility = blackbird pro

Enough with the clichés! Do you want your next studio project to kick ass?
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Blackbird Pro combines over 80 years of producing and engineering experience with a state of the art recording facility.

Think about what you have at your fingertips... 5 major players in the industry; past, present and future... 8 unique recording studio environments... over 100 guitars, 30 amps, 20 drum kits, 40 snares, and all of the microphones you could ever imagine all under one big roof!

What are you waiting for? We can handle any budget imaginable. Whether you have $5K or $75K, whether you want 2-3 days or 2-3 months. We can do it. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Have you seen these credits on these guys and the studio?

We’re about one thing here at Blackbird Pro– great audio! We have a saying around here that we live by... “Either You Rock or You Suck”. You decide!

So, give me a call and let’s talk, (615) 467-4487 and ask for Rolff Zwiep, or email me here.

Client Testimonials

“My recording experience with Blackbird Studio was much more than I ever could have hoped for. Working on my first independent release, entering the studio I didn’t know what to expect or how my record would turn out. That being said, David Hall and the entire Blackbird Pro team were nothing short of remarkable. They provided me with the opportunity to realize a dream that I had been working toward for many years. From choosing incredible session musicians and working with my budget to being patient and understanding as they dealt with my questions and rookie mistakes, everyone involved made me feel welcome and respected. In the end, we were able to produce an album that preserved the integrity and character of my songs, yet took them to a level that I never could have attained on my own. I am confident that nowhere in the world would I have found a better environment for recording”

Jeff Todd,
Meadows Fortune

“I recently finished recording, mixing and mastering with Blackbird Pro. Every aspect of the process, from Scott Phillips the studio manager, who graciously gave me the tour of this amazing facility and contacted and organized all the musicians, to the great David Hall and his assistant engineers, Leland and Brad, were not only great to work with but utterly professional. The band Blackbird put together for me was made up of the cream of the crop of Nashville studio musicians who were able to master every nuance of the music in a very short time. No time was wasted. I’ve recorded at many studios and none came even close to Blackbird. It really was a dream come true for me.”

Bob Fox

“Blackbird Studio, in my opinion, is the ONLY place to make a rock record. The Blackbird Pro element completely tailors to the artist’s needs. We’re talking about world class studios, gear, and staff. Studio manager Scott Phillips is a consummate pro as far as logistics and scheduling, and as far as David Hall goes- he’s the only engineer I will work with on the Gasoline 67 project. He is truly one of the best and absolutely world class!”

Paul Marko,
Gasoline 67

“David’s work is absolutely the best. Everyone I’ve spoken with agrees that he is one of the top three mixers in town. He makes you feel totally at ease throughout the entire process. It’s intriguing to watch him work his magic and he’s a killer hang and a great guy. Record executives certainly take me more seriously once they’ve heard that I’ve worked with him. He’s the best and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for his hard work at Blackbird.”


“Chic atmosphere, over the top staff and state of the art equipment made recording my record at Blackbird Studios a first class experience. David Hall is an inspirational and dedicated engineer with a very precise ear. Blackbird is my first studio choice and my first recommendation to other artists and musicians.”

Lizzy McAvoy,

“Recording at Blackbird was one the greatest experiences of my life. The equipment is top notch, the people are so warm and welcoming, and the finished product is absolutely unbelievable! And working with David Hall was such a pleasure. Talk about a man with incredible talent AND a great sense of humor! He made the experience that much more enjoyable for my band and me. It was like a dream come true. If anybody asked me for an opinion on where they should record, the only word out of my mouth would be ‘Blackbird’.”

Lexi James

“Huge diverse studio, world class gear, friendly staff and a sense of Willy Wonka-esque experimenting in the atmosphere...what more could you ask for? From the quirky residential exterior to the huge assortments of doors (they love their doors), the place just pops and cracks with creativity, experience and professionalism. If you’re a musician, it seems impossible NOT to walk out of this little world with a great piece of work. Studio manager Scott was welcoming, friendly and just a great guide, whether giving a tour of the facility and its history or setting up the session artists and schedule. Engineer Vance Powell (and his assistant Mark) were fantastic; keeping the mood light and friendly, while putting in as much of their experience, recording tricks and intuition into hammering out a great song out of a rookie songwriter. Wouldn’t trade away the experience for anything in the world. One of, if not THE, best studio in the world. P.S. The Yamaha Grand in Studio A makes a sound you have to hear to believe. Don’t leave without trying it.”